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Kingdom Hearts Re:Genesis
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Post Gavin Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:17 pm
IRC Nick: Gavin
Real Name: (I'm not giving it to you!)

Name: Gavin
Age: 22
Sex: Male
(No picture)
Description: A bit tall, average weighted young man with slightly greasy, curly brown hair. His eyes are a deep hazel. He mainly wears a red shirt over a white undershirt. A grey jacket is accompanied by it. He wears blue leggings and black sneakers. On his waist is a black leather belt, and a standard gunblade is strapped to it. It's no Blazefire Saber, but it isn't a bad weapon for his skills.

Favorite things: Enjoys the light, magic, and good friends who are willing to be there for him.
Fears: Fears the total blackness of silence and death.
History: Once an apprentice of angels, he searches the world for evil to cleanse. And now, he has set his sights on a new world, lurking with darkness he has never seen or imagined...

Running away from his home as it caught fire during a mysterious accident involving his brother, he learned to fight for himself. One particular day, his birthday, he awoke in a world unlike any other. A world called Emerald. Many monsters and foes he had fought until he gained attention of the angels that protected Emerald.

An angel named Dyn was one notable one who gave attention, and he came to Gavin one night to ask if he would be his apprentice. He happily accepted and joined the legion that protected the world. His job was to search the Multiverse for any malevolent beings of darkness.

Path of the Staff
Level 1
EXP to next level: 40
STR: 6
MAG: 11
DEF: 5
HP: 40
MP: 120
AP: 5

Report Card: 0/30

Phys Ed: D+
Science: C
Social Studies: E
Arcanum: D
Industrial Arts: E-
Home Economics: E+
Fine Arts: E-


MP Gift:
Description: Enables the character to transfer their mana to another character.
Effect: You may give up to your Magic of MP to another character.
Learning: By Level (1) By Item (Yes) By Teacher (DC15)

Description: Allows a character to focus their mental faculties towards the perfect cast.
Effect: The next cast after a user focuses receives a +4 to-hit and +6 damage, which wears off whether the spell hits or not. A user may delay casting and maintain focus, but loses it if they take any action.
Learning: By Level (1) By Item (No) By Teacher (DC20)

MP Cost: 30
Description: The user drives the enemy into a holy pool with a beam of light.
Effect: Deals either +5 Water damage or removes Poison status from a target. Any other status effect is decreased in duration by 1.
Learning: By Level (1) By Item (No) By Teacher (No)

2 Spell Slots Free / 4 Spell Slots Total

MP Cost: 10
Description: Creates a small fireball to track and strike one target.
Effect: MAG - +3 to-hit, +3 damage.
Learning: By Level (1) By Item (Yes) By Teacher (DC10)

MP Cost: 10
Description: Restores a small amount of HP to a single target.
Effect: MAG - +6 damage restored.
Learning: By Level (1) By Item (Yes) By Teacher (DC10)

***Not yet Unlocked***

DP: 1

Weapon(Main): Gunblade
Accessory: Copper Bangle

White Feather

Munny: 0
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