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Post Crudack Darkbane Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:31 pm
IRC Nickname:Crudack
Player's Real Name (Optional):
Name:Crudack Darkbane
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Description: Stands 6'2", has waist length Red hair, Green Eyes. Always wears his hair pulled back into a ponytail. He is well built, wears a White Trench Coat, Black Shirt, Black Leather Pants, and has a Executioner's Katana on his hip.

Favorite Things: His Katana (Nevander), Kenjutsu, Parties. (Think Kinda like a battle happy Pinky Pie.)
Fears: No more fun in the world.
History: After his more formal education and sword training, he set out to see the world. He found the world to be a contrasting place. While fun, it also reeked of evil. He fights the evil when he finds it, and spreads what joy he can, when not fighting.

Level: 1
EXP to next level: 40
STR: 10
MAG: 6
DEF: 10
HP: 70
MP: 70
AP: 5

Report Card:30/30
(Base grade is E-)

Phys Ed: C-(Def+12/12 pts)
PDR: C-(Str+12/12 pts)
Science: E-(Mag+0/0 pts)
Social Studies: E+(Str+4/2 pts)
Arcanum: E-(Mag+0/0 pts)
Industrial Arts: E+(Str+4/2 pts)
Home Economics: E-(Def+0/0 pts)
Fine Arts: E+(Mag+4/2 pts)
3 AP Free / 5 AP Total [Pending]

Name: Combo[Starter]
AP Cost: -
Description: Allows a character to perform a series of attacks in rapid succession in a single action.
Effect: Replaces standard "Attack" with Combo attack, allowing for 1d3 hits. Combo hits use Strength (or in rare cases Magic) / 10 for base damage.
Learning: By Level (1) By Item (No) By Teacher (DC10)

Name: Guard[Starter]
AP Cost: -
Description: Allows a user to block an incoming melee attack with a weapon.
Effect: Grants a +5 to Defense rolls, and a 10% chance of stunning a target (preventing Defense rolls) for ONE TURN (not round) after the Guard. This can only be used against melee attacks.
Learning: By Level (1) By Item (No) By Teacher (5)

Name: Furious Shout[Starter]
AP Cost: -
MP Cost: 20
Description: Make a brave roar capable of knocking down up to 3 opponents
Effect: Deals Strength Stat as damage, plus a 50% chance of knockdown on 1d3 opponents.
Learning: By Level (1) By Item (Yes) By Teacher (DC 15)

Name: Iai Strike
AP Cost: 3
MP Cost: -
Description: First and often last strike of a Iai School Master.
Effect: A draw-slash of the weapon only available with the first strike of a weapon in a battle, even if the weapon is sheathed again. This Ability deals critical damage/effect if successful.
Learning: By Level (3) By Item (Yes) By Teacher (DC20)
_ Spell Slots Free / _ Spell Slots Total

***Not yet Unlocked***

DP: 1

Weapon(Main): Nevander (Executioner's Style Katana.)
Armor: Samurai Tabi Mail
(Further Accessory Slots are gained every 20 levels)

Name: Nevander
Description: An Executioner's curved blade. The Mark of the Iai School.
Core: Heartbound
Level: 1
Accuracy: +3
Strength: +4
Magic: +1
Defense: +0
Permanent Orb: None
Current Orb: None

Name: Samurai Tabi Mail
Description: Standard Samurai Mail.

Munny: 0

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